$100 Cashback - RAZR
Motorola has just announced that if you purchase either a Motorola RAZR M or RAZR HD on a plan or outright from authorised Telstra dealers from now until the 31st of March you will qualify for $100 cashback.

To redeem your $100 simply head over to MotorolaCashback.com.au and fill out the claim form within 10 days of purchasing your new RAZR M or RAZRHD.

The RAZR HD received its Jelly Bean upgrade in December and the last update on the Telstra Crowd Support Forum had the RAZR M Jelly Bean update expected to start pushing out to handsets on the 8th of February.

This is a great chance to grab a RAZR M or RAZR HD especially on the Telstra 4G network, both the RAZR models scored pretty well with Tia and Jason when they reviewed them, click the links to check out the reviews for the RAZR M or the RAZR HD. Chris has also been won over by the RAZR M, quoting its excellent battery life and UI as reasons for jumping onto it as his daily driver.

Is $100 cashback enough to entice you to the Motorola RAZR phones?

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Anthony Richardson

OK, this was enough to make me go out and buy the Razr M from telstra. Sad to see my Nexus One go, but this is a close as I could find size wise.


I got the RAZR HD on launch from Telstra. Where’s the love for me?


wish this was announced sooner. Was going to get a RAZR M but ended up ordering the Nexus 4 as it was better value for money.


Can I still get the cashback if I already have a RAZR HD but I got it on contract from Telstra back in October 2012?
Does an early adopted like myself get stiffed by Telstra & Motorola???

Greg McPherson

What does that make the final price?

I was interested in a Moto HD, but the online Mobicity price was around $670, and I just couldn’t justify that. To many other good phones around for much less.

Chris (Deputy Editor)

Not sure about the RAZR HD, but the RAZR M is $600 outright… so $500.


Personally Id be waiting. JB Hifi will be getting unlocked RAZR HD and M
handsets soon coming in at a much cheaper then $670 price for the HD

Chris (Deputy Editor)

The handsets JB sell are already unlocked, though the prices will undoubtedly drop as newer handsets come to market.


Right now if you went into a JB Hifi store and bought a RAZR HD or M outright, they are locked to Telstra (they aren’t on the unlocked wall or skew yet). This will change soon as they will be going to the outright wall as well as Dick Smiths. HD will be priced around $599 and RAZR M around the $480 mark.

Chris (Deputy Editor)

Can’t comment on the pricing changes, but I can comment on something else. Telstra phones are not sold locked. You can chuck another SIM in them if you want. I’ve done this with my very own RAZR M, obtained from JB. The only Telstra phones that are carrier-locked are prepaid, and iPhones. Everything else isn’t.