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Are we looking at an early piece of evidence that Google is working on a unified messaging client?

A developer and serial crawler of the Chrome OS tracker named François Beaufort has posted a screenshot of the rich notification system set to hit Chrome OS, complete with Google Now-esque cards that display messages, Google+ notifications and missed calls.

The other thing that grabbed our attention was an icon in the launch bar which could very well represent a long-awaited unification of Google’s many messaging services (Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, Google+ Hangouts and Google Voice – only available in the United States).

This would fit in with the company’s plan to produce a more unified desktop and mobile experience, and we saw early signs of this integration in the middle of last year, with Google Talk Video being replaced with Google+ Hangouts.

google-messengerThe mystery messenger icon, re-imagined by Ooglicons

Obviously the ideal outcome would be a cross-platform client that seamlessly brings together the current mess of Google messaging services with full Chrome/desktop integration and a release date no later than Google I/O in May, but that’s probably asking for too much.

What do you think? Is this Google’s long-awaited answer to BBM and iMessage? Or is it just the reincarnation of Google Buzz? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: OogliconsFrancois Beaufort.
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Acquire whatsapp. Still have it on other platforms but integrate it within Android.

Because right now if they made a BBM or iMessage like service, it would be useless to me because most people I know have iPhones. >_>

Graham Bae

My hope is that if the solution is good enough, it will render iMessage obsolete. Pretty much everyone has a Gmail/Google account.


definitely buy whatsapp

David Anderton

I hope so, at the moment its a real mess. They also need to clean up Google+ at the moment finding friends is a pain compared to FB


Google+ messenger can send pictures, so this potential unification would fix that 🙂

Sean Royce

I really hope so, we need an iMessage like system, basically the only thing I miss from iOS, that and I want some emojis, I just love them.


I love Google Talk.
But it would be better if it could send pictures.

Nick Fletcher

Google+ messenger has picture sending capability, so with this potential unification you would get it 🙂


I have tried Google+ messenger.
Sometimes, push notifications seem a little bit delayed.