Will LG be working on the Nexus 5? Who knows. Recent news had LG Mobile’s European VP Kim Won denying LG’s involvement in the next Nexus handset, which has tentatively been dubbed the Nexus 5.

Those comments were contradicted shortly after when LG were contacted by the Verge, stating that while LG didn’t need the Nexus program to have further marketing success, they’d certainly welcome the opportunity to work with Google again in future.

Korean site Daum.net has gone a step further and says that LG is in fact working on the Nexus 5. Daum.net is a Korean language site, meaning that gleaning information from it is a little difficult, even with the assistance of Google Translate, but it looks as if a prototype device has been developed and is currently in testing.

The Nexus 4 was a mixed success — despite initial stock issues and delays in bringing the handset to market after launch, LG shipped around 3 million handsets. For a handset targeted at a niche market, this is a pretty good outcome. Despite the lack of LTE and the relatively fragile glass front and back, the Nexus 4 is rather popular amongst Android enthusiasts, and if satisfaction with the Nexus 4 is anything to go by, an LG Nexus 5 would probably do equally well, if not better.

The rumour mill continues. Thoughts? Speak Korean and able to offer a better interpretation of Daum’s article? Let us know!

Source: Daum.net.
Via: GSMArena.
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Andrew Palozzo

Pahlease.. the camera is fine.. It’s not the greatest, but it’s a good camera. The biggest letdown on the n4 was the lack of LTE. Everything else was very close to best in class.

David Anderton

biggest letdown for me was no USB OTG or uSD but still got one!


I bet they are going to low ball in the specs again.

Yes I know it’s cheap/ inexpensive but you get what you pay for. No disrespect to the nexus 4’s bang for your buck but I want more bang and I’m willing to spend more bucks.

Again I can’t be the only one. Look at all the technical hopeless people buying top year Samsung and apple hardware. Why is the premium market locked into skinned or locked os ?


why the assumption that premium equals dollars spent? even after initial qualms about lg build quality, i’m far happier with my nexus 4 than my previous and much more expensive samsung, sony and htc phones, and would place build quality (of the nexus 4 specifically) above that of what sony is capable of.


I agree dollars spent does not guarantee quality.Many expensive devices come with blot I dont want. To qualify my comments I should have avoided the word premium. Now I dont want a poorly built or finished phone but as you have said the Nexus 4 is neither of these things. What im looking for is: Fast cpu to reduce lag and run the more intensive apps better. enough ram to cover above basic usage Storage and lots of it. Lets face it mobile data speed ,coverage and costs in Australia is not up to streaming routinely so I want storage… Read more »


these are all fair points, and frankly i put off buying a nexus 4 for a while because of the lack of an sd card slot, and because it only had an 8 megapixel camera. my previous phone had a five inch screen, and the nexus 4 screen felt like a nokia 3310 in size comparison, even with a high resolution.

if the nexus 5 addresses all these points and perhaps manages a slightly more interesting external design visually, it’d be a pretty compelling device, especially at the nexus outright purchase price point.

Joshua Hill

When the Nexus 4 launched there was no offering with more bang and it cost half the bucks of comparative devices.

The only bang letting it down was the camera which you’ve pointed out in a later post.

For the buck your never going to get more bang. The Nexus 4 offered and continues to offer phenomenal value and your comment seems nonsensical to me.


As I said the n4 gives great Bung for buck. I want more and I’m understanding that thus will obviously cost more.

My central comment is that there is not truly top speced stock android phone on the market.

Yes the n4 is great and for the price it is fantastic but it is not top tier

Joshua Hill

When the N4 launched you could not buy a faster processor no matter how many bucks you throw around.

Despite your comment they did not ‘low ball’. I’m sorry I just don’t understand your OP.


I truly hope I’m wrong and the next nexus has top tiered special.

Joshua Hill

As the Nexus 4 was top tiered I have no doubts the N5 will be too.