Samsung’s Super AMOLED display in the Galaxy S4 has received certification from UL (Underwriters Laboratories — a product compliance tester) for having some of the best colour reproductions on a mobile device. UL said that the display covers 97% of the Adobe RGB colour space which is 30% broader than the sRGB standard. The display has one of the best colour ratios and can be viewed better under sunlight than its competitors thanks to the Diamond Pixel structure.

Source: SammyHub.
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Samsung are working hard on their displays, this is evident in the massive jump in quality from the S2 display that I had to the Note 2 display I now have. Good to see it paying off.

Joshua Hill

Ever since display mate claimed passive 3d with only half the vertical resolution was full HD I stopped believing any of these types of companies claims. I can tell you the amoled display in my S2 is not very accurate but I enjoy looking at it non the less.


I agree Joshua, colour accuracy is a bit overrated. If you’re working in graphic design or printing etc then yes, you must get as accurate as possible but for the rest of us it’s no big deal unless it’s really terrible. I love the AMOLED screen on my RAZR HD and I really don’t care that it may not be near 100% colour accurate. It’s personal taste but I really like the vibrancy of the colours in AMOLED screens. And those bottomless deep blacks of course. Also should note I’m holding out for the 32GB version of the S4 to… Read more »