Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung is reportedly preparing for a big launch event to occur on 4 September 2013 to showcase not only the latest in their high-end phablets (read: the Galaxy Note series) but also a smart watch device. This could be exciting news, particularly on the smartwatch front. A couple of the Ausdroid team have been playing with Pebble watches lately (including Darren and myself) and it’s almost trite to say these things are amazing, and they’ve come an awful long way since the early days of so-called smartwatches with the Sony LiveView device.

Quarter 3 has typically been a busy period for smartphone launches, and Samsung will be dropping the Galaxy Note 3 right into the middle of it. We’re seeing the Moto X, releases in the US from Motorola and Verizon, and September has usually been the big announcement time for Apple as well, with rumours of iPhone 5S and 5C devices on the horizon.

It seems likely that, being launched simultaneously, Samsung is going to make much of the integration between the rumoured smartwatch and its Galaxy Note 3. The rumours aren’t too concrete just yet, but the Note 3 at least is likely to feature a 5.7-inch screen (at 1080p) and a 13mp camera. Just as the Galaxy S 4 did, it seems likely that the Note 3 will launch (in some markets) with Samsung’s own Exynos processor instead of the more standard Qualcomm chips.

Source: Phandroid.
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Hi Chris

In my experience the Exynos produce less heat in use compare to the Qualcomm. Do you find this to be true as well?


I haven’t used both so I can’t comment.. but it’s possible.