With an official announcement just over a day and a half away, the leaks are about to come thick and fast for the latest in the Samsung Galaxy Note line-up. Overnight, serial leaker @EVLeaks has released alleged specs for the device as well as screenshots of the Antutu scores and the ‘About device’ screen.

The alleged specs are : 2.3GHz x4, 1080×1920, 2.5GB RAM. The rumoured specs for the device include a Snapdragon 800 for the SM-N9005 which is shown in the ‘About device’ screen also included with the tweet, meaning that the 2.3GHz x4 CPU would be the Snapdragon 800. The rumoured 3GB of RAM on the deivce is also still possible with Touchwiz possibly using up at least half a GB of memory.

The Antutu score is quite low in comparison to its stablemate, the Galaxy S4 which scores a 27,810 on Antutu. Although in comparison to the HTC One at 23,717 it’s not a bad result, but you would expect better of a device running a Snapdragon 800 based on previous benchmark results from that SOC, perhaps some non-final software is the reasoning behind the lower score? The other interesting point to note is that Antutu seems to recognise the Note 3 straight up, been doing some benchmarking there Samsung?

The next tweet from @EVLeaks also mentions ‘stylus functionally the same as first two Notes.’ Which you would sort of expect, but perhaps Samsung still has some surprises to spring on us at midnight tomorrow night, when the official launch is due to start.

Source: EVLeaks.
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No One

Majority of phone buyer don’t even know or care about benchmarks. For tech savvy, I am not sure but the only thing that can call a real test for a device is the real life performance.


I don’t disagree that benchmarks are useless in terms of real world performance. But they do serve as performance indicators for generational improvements and scoring chipsets vs chipset. So whilst they do not correlate to the speed or smoothness necessarily for the user experience, they definitely give us a guage for which we can compare soc vs soc. This seems extremely low for the note 3 and any s800 chip, so it’s either an unfinished firmware build, a problem with the soc, or there’s some insane throttling of appx 20 or 25%. Which tbh throttling a flagship phone that much… Read more »

Sean Royce

Well worth the read.

Joshua Hill

Does anybody believe Antutu scores these days? Especially those concerning Samsung devices.

Gregory Williams

Nobody should believe any benchmarks on Android, the whole XDA forum lives by that. The only thing benchmarks are good for is problem finiding and identifying.