HTC‘s woes continue, they’ve posted multiple consecutive quarters of negative growth culminating in selling their share of Beats Audio back to the Beat company for a much needed cash injection and ultimately posting a 101 Million Dollar operating loss last quarter.

Rumours are emerging that the Taiwanese manufacturer have been in secret talks with Lenovo for some time (several months at least) about the possibility of Lenovo acquiring the brand HTC. There’s nothing official from either company suggesting that the talks have occurred and an acquisition of this scale is going to run at a high cost for Lenovo and could potentially rescue HTC from their continued downward spiral.

If the rumours are true and a deal is struck between the two companies, the expectation is that there will be an announcement with the details in the second quarter of 2014. There’s sure to be more information that will come to light before this time so stay tuned.

Could the marketing and manufacturing might of Lenovo assist in rescuing HTC from their current, very public woes or is this last roll of the dice a futile effort?

Source: Android Beat.
Via: Android Guys.
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Dave Mac

I so so so hope this works out for them. HTC are easily my favourite phone brand, it breaks my heart to see them failing as badly as they are, despite making one of the best phones on the market.


I’m thinking last, desperate, roll of the dice.
Consider that these rumours are coming in, after last week’s finalization of HTC dropping Beats, and MS putting the hard word onto HTC about making WinPhones once again.