JSTorrent, the only torrent client available for ChromeOS, was recently removed due to licensing issues surrounding the developer and his previous employers, but it appears that it’s now back on the Chrome Webstore and the developer is promising more updates.

The Chrome Extension has now returned to the Chrome Webstore and previous users can now re-install it, however new users are looking at a $1.99 fee. The updated listing for the extenison advises that updates coming in Chrome 31 will have allow for some dramatic improvements :

The app appears to be back. The developers have started writing a new and improved version because there seems to be good feedback. Chrome 31 will have extreme improvements to how the files can be saved (you will be able to select a download directory and save directly there) and the future version will support this.

The developer is also looking at adding ‘an option to save to google drive directly’ which is aimed at users with a sub-1GB sandbox area on their Chromebook.

Over on Reddit, the developer is also linking to a new extension – ExtensionJSTorrent contextmenu extension – a free extenison that will allow you to add a torrent to the client directly from the context menu.

Given that the extension is your only option for torrenting in ChromeOS, the $1.99 pricetag is a samll one to pay. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend giving this a go.

Source: JSTorrent.
Via: Reddit.