Navman SmartGPS
Navman has just launched their new GPS unit in Australia, the standalone GPS is running a skinned version of Android 2.3.3 and uses the Navman Smart GPS Eco cloud platform to deliver up to date, relevant information to your unit based on your location.

Navman have been building GPS units for many years, but with every smartphone now a GPS unit as well, Navman are banking on their cloud platform and superior user experience on the device to set them apart in this heavily competitive market. The Smart Eco service will deliver all kinds of relevant, location aware data, such as where to the cheapest petrol is in the area, if there are mobile speed cameras nearby or by harnessing social media platforms like Yelp and Foursquare – if a café you’re heading towards has a special offer.

The GPS will sync with your smartphone and Tablet using the compatible App – there’s one for Android as well as iOS devices – and it’s usually to tablets and smartphones that most users will perform their searches. Wendy Hammond, Country Director, Navman Technology Australia says that Navman understands these behaviours and with this setup embraces it

We know people are using the internet every day to search for information regarding a location or destination. They are also using their smartphones and tablets on the go. However, after the search, the rest of the experience is not great. We’ve introduced the SmartGPS to marry these everyday behaviours with quality navigation from a dedicated GPS device. It’s all about having the right device for the right occasion.

The Navman SmartGPS uses advanced cloud technology that allows you to seamlessly share information between home, work, mobile and car using the Smart Eco for computers, and the SmartGPS companion app for mobile devices. Once you have saved an address from any device, all the information is stored on the Smart CloudEco and can be pushed to the SmartGPS device, then used at your convenience. What’s also special about Navman’s Smart CloudEco is that it is location-based, so the information pushed to you, while driving or walking, is relevant to exactly where you are

Because the GPS is Wi-Fi enabled you can get pertinent information by using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, or by parking near a Wi-Fi hotspot (like in your driveway near your home Wi-Fi connection) to allow the GPS to update petrol prices, weather, traffic, new speed cameras etc. But it doesn’t require a data connection to work, the device will store all the data pushed to it while connected, so that based on the GPS co-ordinates you can still access relevant information while offline.

For programming your GPS for trips, you can access your online account at in a web browser. This allows you to push data to your GPS, you can also use the Android App available from Google Play.

With a 5″ screen it certainly looks promising with all the additional cloud based features, but the proof is in the pudding so they say. We will be reviewing the Navman SmartGPS in the coming weeks and will see exactly how it stacks up.

The Navman SmartGPS, will be available from this month from JB HiFi, Dick Smith and selected Harvey Norman stores for a RRP of $299.

Have you ditched your standalone GPS for your Smartphone? Would features like this bring you back?

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    This gingerbread tastes a little stale…


    Just when we hoped no one would release a new Gingerbread device, a GPS mob goes and does just that. Added to the design stupidity, is making the device WiFi only. Yes, there’s very few people who don’t have a smartphone which can be used as a WiFi hotspot, but how many know how to set up that? People like us, who frequent the tech blogs, definitely would know. But my experiences over on Whirlpool show a rather poorer picture of the skills most smartphone users have. I hope Navman have the sense to include a suitable cigarette lighter double… Read more »