Ok Google Play Me A Song
There’s been quite a lot of movement in the development of Voice commands in Google Search/Now recently, first with multiple new languages packs being added which support the ‘Ok Google’ commands, and then voice commands that load the Camera to take a photo or video, now Google Search can load up a music mix for you on the go.

Simply saying ‘Ok Google Play Me A Song’ or ‘Ok Google Play some music’ will launch the option to load up an instant mix from songs based on your device or in your cloud music service. But, if you’re a Google Play Music All Access user you will get the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky Radio’ instant mix from all the suggestions based on your music playing history and searches. You will have to select Google Play Music from the search card but it’s straight forward after that.

There does not appear to have been a Google Search update to add this function, so it’s most likely been added through a Google Play Services update which Google of course has greater control over for all devices. The function is quite handy if you’re about to go for a run and don’t want to mess about with making playlists and trust Google to come up with a good mix from your music selection.

What does Google play for you? Oh, yeah, about the title pic, if you don’t like John Williamson – Come At Me Bro!

Source: XDA-Developers.