We’ve been having a look through Android Lollipop, or at least the latest Developer preview since Google released images for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013) on Saturday morning. It’s a complete new visual style and part of that is the new wallpapers that have been included in the new images. We’ve extracted them and you can find them below, as well as a link to a zip to grab all of the wallpapers. As a bonus, you can also download a zip with the new sounds from Android Lollipop – if that’s your thing.

There’s some lovely looking geometric wallpapers, as well as some geographic ones which appear to be satellite imagery (bonus points if you can find the lat/long for each). The wallpapers extracted are sort of all over the shop when it comes to resolutions so throw them on, try them out on your device and see what you think.

Download All Wallpapers
Download All Sounds

We’re combing through the updated Android 5.0 Lollipop Developer Preview for you.
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    I only like the first one. I wish google included high end sports cars instead.

    Ken Hoban

    seems both downloads both have the same things but different folder names, they’re both showing up as the wallpapers for me..


    Yea same. 😛
    Thought I clicked the wrong links.

    Ken Hoban

    Yeah, thank goodness it wasn’t just me! thought i was going crazy haha

    Daniel Tyson

    Fixed the links – sorry about that