Expansys Nexus 9 16GB Black
A little late to the party, but still an option, Expansys Australia has just added the HTC built Nexus 9 to their range, accepting orders as of today.

The stock is limited to the Indigo Black model, with Lunar White still only available for pre-order. The 16GB model will set you back $479.99, a shade more expensive than Google Play where you’ll pay a flat $479. Pre-orders are being taken for the 32GB Nexus 9 in Indigo Black for nearly $10 cheaper than Google Play, with Expansys asking $569.99. These prices are also the same for the pre-orders for the Lunar White Nexus 9, which is still only available for pre-order.

Shipping is also a factor and while Google will charge you $19.95 for International Priority Shipping which should take 2-7 business days to deliver after a 1-2 day wait to dispatch, you’ll pay slightly more for shipping through Expansys. The Nexus 9 is available for immediate shipping, with an estimated 3-4 Days delivery time-frame with two options available depending on which carrier you prefer and how much you want to pay. Expansys offers shipping via DHL for $19, or through Toll for $25.00.

If you want to grab a Nexus 9 from Expansys, you can head across and check out the options for pre-order, or jump straight into a 16GB Indigo Black order right now.

Source: Expansys - 16GB Black Nexus 9.
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how much is in india?


Expansys organises the returns of nexus 9s in Aus.

Coincidence that they start selling them now.