The long awaited LTE model of the HTC built Nexus 9 has finally hit Australian shores. While you’d think the tablet would be available on Google Play, it’s retailer JB Hifi who’ve done the work here and have brought the tablet to retail first.

Ausdroid reader Jonathon saw the tablet at his Brisbane CBD store and let us know, and this morning we’ve been able to check it out live and in person here in Canberra. The Black 32GB model is selling for $718 in JB Hifi stores, with no listing on the JB website as yet. There’s no listing on the JB internal system for the White or Sand coloured models, and as confirmed on the Google Play listing, there isn’t a 16GB model available.


The LTE model of the Nexus 9 is physically the same as the Wi-Fi model, save for a SIM card slot on the left hand side of the tablet. The JB rep advised that several stores appeared to have stock, so if you’re in the market for an LTE model it appears to be quite well represented. The JB rep had no indication of accessories arriving for the tablet, so it’s a matter of wait and see.

Nexus 9 - LTE - SIM Slot

Inquiries to The Good Guys and Harvey Norman produced no listing for the LTE Nexus 9, or the Wi-Fi for that matter, so it’s still only limited Telstra stores if you’re interested in the Wi-Fi Nexus 9. If you’ve been waiting for the Nexus 9 with LTE, then here’s your chance.

Thanks: Jonathon.
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David McGinty

last Friday 23rd at 4pm I placed my order for a Nexus 9 LTE and Keyboard Folio from Expansys. my Nexus arrived at 1pm Tuesday 27. yes it cost me $887 but WOW is this a great Tablet. it got shipped from HongKong.

Darren Ferguson

I ended up getting an accessory (case) from Amazon. Really happy with it. Good too, because it was the only one out of about 10 that would ship to Australia!


Bear in mind that the LTE/GSM models of the tablets are treated like the step-child of the Nexus family. I have the Nexus 2013 LTE, and is officially still on 4.4.4 even though 5.0.2 has been out for quite a while already.


Exactly. Same here. My Samsung S5 is updated to Lollipop and I’m still waiting for the update for my N7 2013 LTE.

Tim Scotney

This is tempting. I was holding out for the LTE model.


After my 4.4.2 update on my Note 8 yesterday (finally) I’m actually happy for a while. A 64 bit Nvidia Shield 64 GB with LTE might tempt me, perhaps it will be part of the Android Silver program. :p




Hell yeah 🙂