Xperia Z4 render
Fans of the Xperia Z series phones were a little disappointed in the lack of phone announcement alongside the Xperia Z4 tablet at Mobile World Congress, but that isn’t to say that Sony isn’t working on a new phone. Leaker @onleaks has shared the above photo of what’s claimed to be the first render of the Xperia Z4 this morning.

Along with the render, he later delivered some more information about the phone, saying it will launch with a screen size of 5.2″, with dimensions of 146.3×71.9×7.2mm. From the render, it appears that the phone will stray very little from the design of previous Xperia Z series phones, which have mostly refined and iterated on the original Xperia Z – something fans of the series won’t be too upset about.

That 5.2″ screen size will allow for a QHD resolution – if the Samsung Galaxy S6 is any point of reference – but whether Sony will choose to go with QHD won’t be clear for a while yet. The phones should come with at least an IP57 rating, although fans of the heavier duty IP65/68 rating will definitely want them to continue on from the Xperia Z3 series on that spec.

What will power the phone isn’t clear, but a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor would be likely, although if they are going for a later release to slow down their bi-annual handset refresh a Snapdragon 815 could be on the cards.

We’ll know more as the leaks continue – because you just know they will – or when Sony officially announces the handset.

What do you think? Is it time for Sony to adopt a new design language?

Source: @onleaks.
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Yianni Soc

Can’t beleive I didn’t see this earlier…. exposed Micro USB port! No more flappy cover.. finally!


This design is really getting played out. Would like to see Sony change it up a bit.


I’m hoping the Minis don’t exceed 1080p / HD screens and that by the time my next upgrade cycle comes around Sony have sorted their photo optimisation algorithm and the resultant soft spots in their shots

vijay alapati

thats Z3 ;p