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If you’ve been looking at a basic tablet for round the house, you can do worse than a tablet that’s still receiving updates almost three years after it was released. While the Nexus 7 (2012) may not see another one, the Android 5.1 update has apparently breathed new life into the ageing tablet and if you’re looking for something to use around the house, why not check out the refurbished models over at Expansys.

Expansys has both 16GB and 32GB models in stock, with a fairly low price of $83.99 for the 16GB or $127.99 for the 32GB – there’s a minimum $19 delivery fee, but that’s still a decent price. Expansys is also clearing stock of their official Nexus 7 sleeve, throwing in a bonus one with every refurbished Nexus 7 (2012) sold.

The case is actually fairly decent, and is being sold seperately for as low as $2.23 + delivery, so it’s a bargain if you have the tablet and want a case as well.

Expansys is also selling refurbished models of the Nexus 4 as well, and that was a stunningly good looking handset. So if you’re wanting a trip down memory lane, you can pick one of those bad boys up from as low as $156.99 + delivery for the 8GB model.

The case itself is pretty decently price, so definitely grab one for your Nexus 7, and if you need a decent second tablet grab one of those as well.

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I bought a 32gb 2012 model for $80 like 6 months ago from them.

Kieser Sozay

While you are at it, Grab a refurbished dinosaur.


Relatively cheap but it’s still a tegra 3 device so it wouldn’t be great for much other than epubs and surfing the net.


My 2012 N7 became unusable after the 5.1 update. Just traded up to a 2013 model and it’s great.

Nicholas Hubert

My brother bought a 2012 N7 from Expansys. They sent him a dead unit. When he sent it back for repairs, they lost it. I would probably avoid this deal.


These things are so slow, it’s just not worth spending money on them.


Agree completely


yeah too slow to be useful. a 2013 refurb model on the other hand….


+1 5.1 has ruined mine.

Phill Edwards

Agreed. Performance is soooo bad it’s not worth it even at that price. I bought one a couple of years ago and it’s been an absolute dog of a thing.