If there’s anything PayPal has done it’s enable my online shopping habits to almost addictive levels. The ability to purchase items and login without locating my wallet with my credit card is the big bonus, but sometimes things aren’t quite right and returning goods is a hassle and can be expensive, but PayPal wants to help by offering Free Return Shipping.

PayPal Refunded Returns is aimed at taking the headache out of online shopping. For a number of things, you know what you’re getting especially when it comes to gadgets and tech, but with cases and more into clothes or fashion, you do run into issues of sizing, and that’s where PayPal’s new offer comes in:

PayPal Refunded Returns (Free Return Shipping) is intended to assist retailers in addressing consumer concerns around online shopping. From today, customers who have opted into the free service and who are looking to return an item will be able to request a shipping refund on the PayPal website within 14 days and once approved, be reimbursed costs up to $45 on eligible purchases.

It’s not just you who gets the benefit with retailers seeing more sales – up to 90% more – if given the option to return an item with free shipping. So it’s a win for you, and a win for the retailer.

So, it is what it is, PayPal will refund shipping costs on 4 eligible items until 31 July 2015. Obviously with any offers there’s some terms and conditions, you can’t claim a refund on return shipping for ‘intangible goods’ such as music or vouchers and items that the seller excludes from their return policy, you also need to pay for the item in full with your PayPal account.

To learn more about PayPal Returns, you can head on over to the website at

Source: PayPal.