With an apparent April 8th launch coming up in China for the HTC One M9+, the phone is obviously going to be close to complete. With a number of leaks showing up prior to the HTC One M9 launch, it’s only natural they should occur with the M9+ and we expect more than a dodgy plastic maquette, and this morning, there’s more.

Over on Chinese Micro-blogging site Weibo, the Geeks Village account has shared pics of the phone which includes a number of specs for the device. The rumoured Media Tek processor is present, and the rest of the spec sheet looks similar to that launched with the M9 – apart from the Duo-Camera specs which match the rumours of a 20MP+2.1MP dual setup. The M9+ is running Android 5.0 – we assume Sense Seven on top – and apart from that it seems the rumours were all correct.

The hardware design matches what we’ve seen previously in renders and of course yesterdays 3D-printed model, but shows more of a commonality of design in all other aspects with the HTC One M9. There is of course that home key on the front, but nothing has been said as to whether it contains the rumoured fingerprint sensor.

There’s probably going to be more of this over the next couple of weeks so if you’re interested stay tuned, and then it will be a matter of whether HTC releases the phone outside of China.

Source: Weibo (1).
Via: Android Community.
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