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We’re a month and a half out from the big show in Germany: IFA. The tradeshow which takes place in Berlin, Germany generally sees launches from Samsung and other vendors, including Sony and of course with an Xperia Z4 already launched in Japan, it’s now onto the Xperia Z5.

The Xperia Z5 will be a high-end device showcasing high-end processor, screen and an improved design that still looks familiar to Xperia owners – that is if the pic we’re seeing is legit. The pic is apparently sourced from a user on Chinese social networking site Weibo and doesn’t really show much:


During the infamous Sony leak last year, an early render of the phone showed up, but 6-months down the track the design language has almost certainly changed.

But what will be inside? Rumours are floating around that Sony will finally up their screen resolution matching the big guns from Samsung and LG with a 2K QuadHD display. Powering the screen, and the phone, will be Qualcomm’s upcoming SoC the Snapdragon 820, with 4GB of RAM partnered alongside. The Z5 will apparently have a fingerprint sensor and the same 20.7MP camera – though there are murmurings that Sony will update to a 27MP sensor.

With a high resolution screen, powerful processor and heaps of RAM, the much vaunted Sony 2-day battery life could take a hit. What we’re hearing though is that a 4,050mAh battery could be under the hood.

IFA runs from September 4-9 in Germany, with press days scheduled for September 2-3. While Sony hasn’t announced any events as yet, we’re hoping to see a new Sony Xperia flagship at IFA and those specs sound pretty nice.

Source: PocketDroid.
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As long as it still water proof and has front facing speakers then I’d be happy with it, although it would be nice if they had a better camera as it suffers in low light at the moment.

As has been said before, a 1080p screen is more than enough for me.

Jarrad Minchin

Expect this one to be released in Australia?

Alex Gerontzos

I would say it would be a reality. The Z3 has been out since September last year, and we have been side stepped from gaining the Z4/Z3+

Alex Gerontzos

This Z5 better have full manual controls.. It would be a disappointing let down seeing the vast presence that Sony has in the camera space.

Damon Lewis

Yes please (Although I would be happy with a 1080p screen)