The problem with reporting rumours is that sometimes they don’t pan out. In this case, the rumour was pretty accurate, but it was two days out.

Earlier this week, we reported speculation that Motorola’s Moto X Style and Moto X Play would arrive in Vodafone stores on Monday next week (the 14th), with the delay from “early September” attributed to a question mark over sufficient stock levels. Well, we’re now hearing from multiple sources that there has been internal communication to store managers and others who need to know, indicating that the date is actually Wednesday 16th September.

So, from next Wednesday, both the Moto X Style and Moto X Play will be in store ready for you to pop in, try out, and see what you think. Both handsets will be available for outright purchase, or on contract for new or re-contracting Vodafone customers.

Will you be in a Vodafone store on Wednesday to take a look?

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AF1R .

At this rate the new iphone will be dropping sooner than Motorola. Not even the Moto G 3rd gen is available in any stores.

Curtis James Liddell

I want this phone, but it sucks that no one has any clue about this and i feel like they wont even show up in stores on the 16th :/


I asked today at my local JBHiFi and The Good Guys and neither had heard anything about anything coming too. There must either be some real stocking problems getting in to Australia, some poor/lazy promotions by their reps or some other unknown issue for them to not be saying anything much at all this close to launch. This especially for 3 products that I believe should sell very well and get some good market share.
I guess we wait until the 16th and see if anything turns up.


What state? I bet WA will get it almost the latest.


South Australia. I would hope there should not be any delays for you in WA you are not that far away that it could take an extra day or more to arrive. In theory you should get it quicker as you are actually closer to Asia (where they make the phones) than the eastern states.


Any idea which one is going for $792 outright? If it’s 16gb I’m going to be rude to the Vodaphone staff.


Not sure if joking or not, but that’s a really immature way to go about it. The staff at the retail level clearly have nothing to do with decisions made by Motorola.


Yeh, I’m joking. But when US$400 = ~A$560 (Ok, plus GST $616) you can understand why I would walk away a bit miffed at the outrageous, at least $176 markup on the thing for Australians. And we don’t even get moto maker.


I called vodafone yesterday and the person I spoke to in sales didn’t even know what the Moto X is. “Moto what?”.

Fiddle Castro

And yet there is still no update of this on the Moto website, and no mention of Moto on the Vodafone website.

The way Moto has handled “communication” (more like total lack of) with the Australian public has left me with little confidence in them. I held off the Moto X “2” and even though I want the X Style I think I’ll hold off again until Moto sells direct to us Australians, so they’re accountable, not Vodafone.


I keep looking, searching, the Vodafone website for the slightest hint. Nothing.

This phone is in direct competition with the Nexus because the only people who know it is coming are phone nerds who read Ausdroid.


Will it be optimised for Vodafone network or would it also suit Optus customers?

Daniel Tyson

Should be ready to rock on the Optus network as well.


Any news on the Moto 360?

Daniel Tyson

Not yet.


Any news on the Moto G?

Daniel Tyson

Not yet, but should be around the same time-frame. We’re looking.