Wall of Nexus Nexus 5X Nexus 6PSAN FRANCISCO: By now you will have seen most of our Nexus coverage I’m sure, but our hands-on videos are something you should probably take a look at. While the video quality is reasonable (and not as great as it should be), you can get a real appreciation for how fluid the new Nexus devices are, how they work, and a real impression of what they’re like in hand.

Without further ad-lib from me, let’s jump into the two videos.

Please let us know what you think in the comments, below! Hint: you’ll have to join the discussion to see them.

Thanks: @BenGrubb for hand modelling the Nexus 6P.
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Big K

Hi Chris, thank you for bringing us Nexus nuts all the latest and greatest news on the new releases, I own the Nexus 5 and looking forward to grabbing the Nexus 5X, do we have a release date for Australia yet and do we know what phone companies will carry them?
cheers from Tassie.


latest info i have is 810.


People, please consider your actions very carefully before following this example here. Following this link shows your name, or at least the one you used to sign the petition. Putting your name to a petition that agues that the extra costs Google have applied are unrealistic, which appear to be less than 15%, may be embarrassing to you at a later date. There are obviously reasons Google have selected this price point. You could even contribute to the possibility that, if the publicity was bad enough, Google might just exit the Australian market completely for their Nexus line in the… Read more »


They are sent from Hong Kong by post – so yes we ARE privy to the costs.

Why do you want to be an apologist for poor global corporates’ behaviour? It’s not just Australia, EVERYONE is pointing out that the prices are massively too high. Just look at the AMA.

> may be embarrassing to you at a later date.
But you obviously have no problem in embarrassing yourself right now …


Fred, you are indicating that you are privy to the costs of shipping a single device. I said distributing a product in Australia. They are two different things. I am not in the slightest bit embarrassed. I do find your response comical though 🙂

Also, I think the AMA is pretty clearly pointing out there is more to distributing a product than a simple USD to AUD conversion 😉


Two questions:
1. 6P release date in Australia
2. How the 6P camera compared with iPhone 6S Plus? Capture speed and etc


DXO rates it as the 2nd best smartphone camera available, behind the S6 Edge:



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Hey Ausdroid (especially Chris), thanks so much for working hard and bringing us the latest news from this Google conference. I really appreciate it.

Got a question, does the Nexus 6P have a micro SD slot?


No mention of it at the Google live event at 2am today.


You’re so welcome man. Appreciate the gratitude for all our collective hard work! No, no SD card on either.

David Anderton



Pretty sure the processors are completely different between the two phones…Nexus 5X does not have stereo speakers on the front. The 6P does have stereo speakers on the front though.

I am sure you are severely lagged though, so we won’t hold it over you until you have some quality sleep 🙂

Daniel Holdsworth

Yah im seeing reports of the 6P with the 808 too….
What is it the 808 or the 810?


It is 810, my bad. Well, I’m fairly. Sure it is. Too tired to be certain 😉


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