In what our fearless but yet clumsy editor may well call the best announcement this morning, Google have unveiled Nexus Protect. Nexus Protect is a warranty program that will be available with the purchase of either of the two new Nexus phones announced today.

Nexus Protect is an enhanced warranty that not only extends the length of the warranty of the phone from one to two years but also covers the user for accidental damage such as a drop (from which many of us have suffered unfortunately) or water damage. Google promise, in the US, to have a replacement phone to your door the very next business day. Whether Nexus Protect is going to be available in Australia is unknown as yet but if it does extend to here I doubt it will be a next day service.
The extended or enhanced warranty is not cheap, coming in at $69US for the Nexus 5X and $89US for the Nexus 6P. There is no mention of it being available to other devices just yet but it needs to be purchased at the Google Play Store when checking out with your new Nexus phones. The website is live for US users but not yet for Australians.

Anyone here interested in Nexus Protect for their phones? Are you someone who normally buys the extended warranty when purchasing electronics?

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    So, after a year or so, when my phone is all scratched and nasty, I just “drop it” and get a new one? Yep, I’d buy this.


    I hate phone cases, and possibly as a result have replaced the screen on my Nexus 5 twice, at $120 a pop. So yeah I’d buy this in a heartbeat.


    after dropping my nexus 6 and paying just under $200 to replace it I have to agree with you. although if it’s that much there image the cost by the time it gets here

    Will Dutton

    I’d pay for it