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The Nexus 5X is by far the cheapest of the recent Nexus phones released and (coincidence?) coinciding with the Samsung Galaxy S7 release today, JB Hifi have a $200 saving on the Blue 32GB version of the 5X and are letting them go out the door for $447

While the 5X has become something of a disappointment to some users, perhaps this is a great opportunity for users who are keen to get a look at the Android N preview to jump on the Nexus bandwagon and try out the preview without needing to commit their daily driver to the cause.

Regardless of your motivation, if you’re keen to grab a 5X head online or in store to pick up Nexus 5X at a really hot price.

Does the prospect of playing with Android N, without committing your daily driver make this offer attractive to you?

Source: JB Hifi.
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G’ah! So disappointed to miss seeing this on Saturday. Back up to $647 on their website today.

vijay alapati

Google store also reduced the prices for nexus 5x and 6p as 1 year birthday for google store…..check it out guys

Gregory Eden

Just as an observation, with a sample size of one, my Nexus 5X has worked fine from day one. The only issue I have had was a sticky headphone jack. After shoving in the plug and pulling it out a dozen times it loosened a bit and now it is just like any other. I got the Carbon from JB for $540 on a email discount coupon before last Christmas. The reception is superb and I have been getting a good signal (Optus) in places where my friends have no reception, especially in rural Victoria. That is good design and… Read more »

Phill Edwards

Thanks for linking to the other article. I responded to that article saying it was harsh, but since then my phone has deteriorated to the point where it ended up constantly freezing and rebooting and eventually died totally. Google sent me a replacement this week. I hope the other poster is right about the March update otherwise I’ll be giving up on the 5X.


The discount only applies for the baby blue colour?


Does the 5X still contain all those issues complained about in the disappointment article?


The March update currently rolling out is supposed to fix most, if not all of the known issues. I’m keen to see a hands on with the March update applied to see how the phone behaves. On paper, the phone looks great for the price, but it’s been a disappointment in terms of software fluidness for some reason up until now :/ I’ve handled one in person and my old Nexus 5 performed better than the 5X which was very strange. Either the 808 SOC isn’t up to the task and is a dud or Google has some software optimisation… Read more »


From what I’ve read, yes all those issues (lag, slowness, camera failure) all still exist. Even with the March update. Product reviews forum has users complaining about it even with the update. I’m glad I sold off my 5X and upgraded back down to a 2013 5.


Thanks for the replies guys. Waiting to see HTC’s offering now

vijay alapati

Its a steal for that price……or get a g4 for similar price from kogan with ebay discount

Gregory Eden

Kogan’s LG phones seem OK but beware as most Kogan phones are imports and do not support B28 or B40. As an example do not buy a Kogan 5X. B28 is the biggest improvement in phone coverage since digital started and to buy a phone without it in this day and age is crazy.

vijay alapati

B28,B40….. What r those…..u mean bands…. 🙁

Gregory Eden

Yes. The problem is just because 700 is listed it does not necessarily mean B28 as there are American 700 bands that are not compatible. Optus and Telstra have rolled out B28 on the old Analog TV frequencies and it makes a huge difference. A phone is not a phone any more. You need to ensure it supports our bands. Just because they all work in the capitol cities (B3 1800) does not help the moment you drive to the country. B28 is also deployed in the cities as it helps with building penetration as well (all about range and… Read more »

Rob De Mon

what does the old Nexus 5 have? presumably not the later B types.

Gregory Eden

No B28 nor B40, but does have Vodafone B5.

vijay alapati

Wow…..thanks a lot….hoping to get a s7 soon. Thanks again for info my friend.
Also i brought a s6 edge last year from goodguys…does it support b28?

Gregory Eden

S6 Edge from the Goodguys would certainly have B28 support. As far as I know the Goodguys only sell Australian models. Officeworks, JB HiFi, Costco and Harvey Norman all sell Australian models as does Exeltek for online sales. With other retailers you have to be very careful. The might be other retailers of Australian models that I have not dealt with – when in doubt ask.