Earlier this year we reported that Google and Lenovo had announced that they would partner to make the first Project Tango phone. Today some specs of the upcoming, much awaited Project Tango phone were revealed.

He has done it once again. Yes, serial leaker Evan Blass, has somehow gotten hold of some of the specs that the Lenovo-made Project Tango phone will have. According to Evan (EvLeaks) the phone will have a 6.4 inch QHD display and is called, at least internally, the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro.

That is a monster display but for something such as Project Tango a small display just won’t do it justice. The inclusion of high end cameras, as well as additional sensors in order to build 3D models and get a full idea of the surrounding environment.

Project Tango uses high-end sensors and cameras to ‘transform your smartphone into a magic lens that lets you place digital information on your physical world’. Johnny Lee, Project Tango Lead, Google said of the Lenovo Project Tango phone:

With Project Tango, the smartphone becomes a magic window into the physical world by enabling it to perceive space and motion that goes beyond the boundaries of a touch screen. By working with Lenovo, we’ll be able to make Project Tango more accessible to users and developers all over the world to both enjoy and create new experiences that blends the virtual and real world.

The Lenovo phablet is the first Consumer level device from project Tango since the platform was announced over 2 years ago in February 2014. As well as the expected launch with Lenovo, there was also a showing of Tango at Google I/O with Mr Lee taking to the stage to show off the latest developments in Project Tango:

Is anyone else interested in Project Tango and where it may lead us in the mobile space? Can you see yourself buying this?

Source: EvLeaks.
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Phill Edwards

I was interested… until I read the part about a 6.4″ screen!