HTC Nexus
The upcoming HTC Nexus Pixel phones are of course the main topic of discussion for every Android fan at the moment. Details of the phones hardware have started taking shape, now noted HTC fan @llabtoofer has shared details on the camera sensors for at least oneboth of the Pixel phones.

The tweet which was sent out overnight, lists details of the camera sensors for the larger Pixel phone in the series codenamed Marlin:

A followup tweet shows that both phones will use the same sensors:

@Llabtoofer has a solid history with insider knowledge of both released and unreleased HTC devices, so according to him, the Pixel phones will be rocking Sony IMX378 image sensor on the rear, a sensor which has so far not been announced but is likely an incremental update to the IMX377 sensor we saw in the Nexus 5X, 6P and HTC 10. The front-facing camera will be the older IMX179 sensor we’ve seen on the Nexus 5, Huawei P8 and P9, Moto G gen 2 and the Nexus 6P.

Last years Nexus phones had pretty great cameras so expectations are high that this first generation of Pixel cameras will continue what Google started. The details on the smaller Pixel phone codenamed Sailfish could possibly coming soon as well, with @llabtoofer saying ‘Will post some info later, have to go now ;)’ in response to the question ‘Sailfish has a different camera?’.

Source: @llabtoofer.