The insatiable appetite of Google and Android fans for anything Pixel related has been satiated somewhat by a new CAD render released by Steve Hemmerstoffer, better known as OnLeaks. He’s not only released a video of the render, he’s also released dimension details of the device.

The video shows the CAD render of a Pixel XL from a factory, very likely one tasked with making cases for the devices as has been the case with previous leaks from OnLeaks. It’s only 26 seconds long, but will certainly whet the appetite for anyone interested in the Pixel series of phones:

With access to the CAD drawings, OnLeaks has also released the dimensions of the phone – with a slight correction after the fact.

The Pixel XL looks pretty decent and it’s not long now until we get a full unveil next week in San Francisco. We’ll have hands-on video and photos as soon as we can on the day.

Source: @onleaks.
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    Taller at the top than the bottom? So it’s like a slightly graded wedge shape? I kinda like that! Better solution than a camera bump.


    Disappointed with the bottom firing speakers and moving the headphone jack to the top. Didn’t realise that the 5X had it next to the USB port until I saw a mates phone. If these end up costing an arm and a leg I might get one of those instead of the Pixel XL to replace my very old Nexus 5 (unless of course these get massively rave reviews).