Earlier this week we reported on Alphabet’s impressive third quarter. Following on OPPO have released their Q3 report and they too are pleased with themselves. OPPO has for the first time ever taken the top spot for a full quarter in China’s smartphone market, helping it hold firm to its position as the fourth biggest smartphone maker globally.

In just the third quarter OPPO shipped 25.3 million devices globally, a 121.6% year on year growth. This was the highest among the top five smartphone brands. OPPO Vice President and Managing Director of International Mobile Business Sky Li said that OPPO were “delighted at OPPO’s continued growth, and at the enthusiasm we’re receiving from consumers in China and our markets around the world”. He went on to say that it reaffirms their commitment to “build premium-quality devices that are tailor-made for the real needs of our users”

While we don’t see all of the OPPO devices here in Australia those we do see tend to review well and are popular with users here. One such device that did not arrive here, the OPPO F1 Plus was the top selling device in China for Q3 leading OPPO to a 17.5% market share in China.


The next quarter promises to be another big one for OPPO with the recent launch of the high end photography-focused phones, the R9s and the R9s Plus in China. In some good news for us (and let’s face it that’s what it’s all about, toys for us Aussies) both of these will be coming to our shores in the coming months. Look out for our reviews of them once they land in our offices.  OPPO are not all that well known in Australia, but that is quickly changing.

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It should be noted that Oppo and Vivo are part of the BBK company, who also own OnePlus. During my last trip in China during August, all the street signage was mainly Oppo and Vivo, replacing the foreign brands of Apple, Samsung and Motorola.

Yianni soc

I’ll have to check one out. Never liked their UI tho. Hopefully they do stocker android soon.

Max Luong

When I was on Vietnam earlier in the year, I asked my uncle what was the biggest phone brand there and he said Oppo without hesitation.

I’ve been a big fan of Oppo amps and DACs for years (I own both their HA-1 and HA-2 headphone DAC/amps) so I’ve been watching their phones with interest for a while, especially now with the Project Spectrum ROM.