Each year there is speculation over what Google will be calling the next version of Android. Of course last year we had all types of names thrown up with Google settling on Nougat, which so many people still cannot pronounce properly. This year Android 8.0 will be named after a dessert or sweet food beginning with the letter O.

We have had a lot of people suggest that Oreo will be this year’s name, and it still could be even though we are now seeing suggestions that the internal codename for Android 8.0 is Oatmeal Cookie. Within the AOSP there are several references to oc-dev and OC-MR1 and while it is not certain that “OC” does stand for oatmeal cookie it seems the most likely possibility.

If this is correct and the internal name is Oatmeal Cookie it does not mean that this is the final launch name with Google in previous years using Key Lime Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Macadamia Nut Cookie as internal codenames and not one of these made the final cut.

MYCE.com have also had some of their readers inform them of Oatmeal Cooking references during presentations at Google I/O.

I am comfortable in stating, with this level of evidence, that the Android 8.0 internal codename is Oatmeal Cookie but like in previous years it will not be the final name. I am hoping for the final name to settle on Oreo and Google partnering with Nabisco to offer free tablets (or Pixel phones) like they did with KitKat in 2013.

Source: MYCE.
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Yuk! They should’ve named it Oreos if going with the cookies. Those thin lemon ones…. yummy!