Google’s pixel phones have been leaking information quite a bit lately. Today we have seen the smaller Pixel 2 appear on the FCC site confirming many rumours that we have heard thus far.

The Pixel 2 will indeed be made by HTC with HTC submitting the filing to the FCC. The model number for the Pixel 2 is NM8G011A with the G inside signifying that it is a Google device. According to one of the images attached to the filing the Android version is Android 8.0.1 which certainly fits with what we expect for the next Pixel phone.

The version that made it through the FCC had 64GB of storage and a squeezable edge is confirmed inside the “Languages, input and gestures” menu; “Active Edge on, squeeze for your Assistant”. There is also a subtle mention of the processor inside the baseband — “8998” here confirms either a Snapdragon 835 or 836 (remember the 836 will be an iteration of the 835).

As expected, and it would be a massive shock if these were excluded, but the phone will support Bluetooth, NFC and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The list of tested LTE Bands is listed below, and don’t freak out with popular Australian LTE Bands: Band 3 and Band 28 missing from the list with the FCC generally only testing bands used in the US.

Rumoured specs of the Pixel 2 include a 4.97 inch FHD display and a lack of a headphone jack, with recent mention of a Snapdragon 836 CPU.

With so many new phones on the horizon it may well be a very difficult choice for us but it seems that Google are making a very decent play for your funds. What will be your next?

Source: FCC.
Via: Android Police.
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This will be my next.

Visura Lokuge

Shame to see the forehead appearance again, wouldn’t be mad at just a full glass back! But I guess time will tell to how the phone will actually look. Fingers crossed 🙂