Many of us prefer pure Google Android over that with manufacturer skins on top. Unfortunately it does not leave many choices for phones, especially if you prefer the bigger 18:9 aspect ratio phones. After the Pixel 2 XL display debacle of the past few days a lot of us are cancelling pre-orders and wondering where to go next. How about a OnePlus 5T?

After last year’s Q4 update of the OnePlus 3 to the 3T it has been expected that OnePlus would do that same — afterall, how many manufacturers only produce a single flagship each year? Even though OnePlus have denied that they would do the same this year the evidence says otherwise.

Firstly the OnePlus 5 (considered by many here at Ausdroid to be the device of the year) is out of stock in every single market except for maybe India suggesting that something new is on the horizon. OnePlus are a small company still and can’t afford to have unsold stock on the shelves. There have also been the leaks we have seen in recent times showing what is apparently a press render of the OnePlus 5T.

Today Android Authority have been given another press render and this one looks legit. The image shows a different shaped display (18:9 aspect ratio) and the lack of a fingerprint sensor on the front. You do not have to be Einstein to put two and two together and come up with 4 in this case. The 18:9 display means the fingerprint sensor won’t fit on the front and has been moved to the back.

There is also the ‘fact’ that there is a new version of the OPPO R11 in the works- the R11s. This R11s is also apparently an 18:9 aspect ratio display phone. Remember which device the OnePlus 5 shared a design with? The OPPO R11. Makes sense for OnePlus to thus update their OnePlus 5 with the more fashionable 18:9 display and release the OnePlus 5T.

To me it also makes sense to keep producing the OnePlus 5 for those who prefer the 16:9 aspect ratio display but possibly OnePlus do not have the capacity to produce both at once.

Those of you, and I’ll include myself in this, who are very disappointed with the Pixel 2 XL display issues but still want a stock Android phone in an 18:9 aspect ratio may want to consider this phone — assuming it even exists. All evidence points towards it existing and if it does it could well be what propels OnePlus to being an even more successful company.

A stock Android phone with 18:9 aspect ratio display for less than half the price of a Google Pixel 2 XL? Who wants one? Me.

Source: Android Authority.
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Today was the last day I could return my OnePlus 5 and I was prepared to do so if they announced the 5t. I decided the slightly larger screen and possible loss of finger print reader wasn’t worth it.
Love my OnePlus. It screams, the 8gb RAM is so nice and so far everything about it is great apart from the piss poor camera app. Panorama… Really…. Needs a new camera app

John Bousattout



so disappointed that all the good devices keep getting bigger. love the idea of the oneplus 5 but 5.5″ is just way too big for me. even the smallish devices (galaxy a5, for example) are having their screen sizes upped. give me a oneplus device with a 5″ screen and i’ll take a truck load.


(i will take precisely one)


Yes please Mr Plowman, take my money


Or how about the rumored Nokia 9 or HTC U11 Plus? Or even just be content with last years Pixel XL (still a beast) & wait for the Pixel 3 XL 😉


LOL #thestruggleisreal


The HTC U11 Plus is another one I’m interested in.

Late 2017 android phones are providing much entertainment.