Samsung Australia, in partnership with IrisVision and Vision Australia have today announced a new medical imaging device which utilises specialise software running on a Galaxy S7 and Gear VR headset, that’s designed to help sufferers of vision impairment.

The IrisVision software runs on a Gear VR with a Samsung Galaxy S7 that can utilise the on-board high resolution LED display and 12MP camera, combined with a 70-degree field of view in the software.

Developed in collaboration with johns Hopkins optical clinic, the package is designed for Australians living with low vision due to a range of conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic-related implications and other stroke and neurological conditions.

IrisVision software allows the user to control their magnification level, and use multiple viewing modes such as full screen with bubble, bioptic/split screen, line reading and many more depending on what task you want to do or what you want to view. The ‘bubble’ can be adjusted to be round, square or even a custom design, with the ability to shift it to different parts of the screen using the touchpad on the headset or a Bluetooth remote controller. Brightness and contrast can be adjusted based on whether you’re indoors or outdoors, with the camera maintaining the adjustment levels for you.

Using these features, IrisVision can help restore independence by assisting clients with tasks for near, intermediate or distance; whether it’s reading, writing, maintaining personal care or observing the family photographs.

It’s not exactly cheap, with the full package including the Galaxy S7, Gear VR and IrisVision software priced at $4,000.

Vision Australia CEO Ron Hooton said of the package

Vision Australia supports people living with low vision to become fully independent. New technologies like IrisVision can make a substantial difference to the quality of life for some people with vision impairment. It helps enhance the remaining sight of people with a range of conditions, allowing them to carry out every day activities that others take for granted.

If you think you, or someone you know could benefit from IrisVision, it’s recommended they speak with a qualified medical professional before going ahead. It’s recommended they have an assessment with Vision Australia’s clinical staff as well to assess if it is right for them.

If it sounds good to you, you can check it out on the Vision Australia website.

Source: VisionAustralia.