In a world where smartphones are many people’s life and a large majority is spent consuming media on it, data is a commodity in great demand. We are seeing a lot of telcos increase their data allowances as customers vote with their feet and follow the data limits and today Amaysim have announced their latest increases.

In what amaysim are calling “more data for the best-value in market price” they have increased their $40 and $50 plans by 5GB and 6GB respectively. This brings them to 15GB for $40 and 20GB for $50 with both plans including unlimited talk and text to standard Aussie numbers and also 10 selected countries. Like many other telcos now, amaysim also have no lock-in contracts for their plans.

At the same time amaysim have introduced a new 100GB data-only plan for just $70. Although very enticing it only lasts 28 days so you would have to be a serious consumer to go through that much on a mobile per month.

Amaysim’s Commercial Director of Mobile, Maik Retzlaff has stated that the new data inclusions “embraces the evolving behaviours of Australian mobile consumer.”

Every month we are realising that we require, and end up using, more and more data. Telcos have shown that they are listening to consumers and amaysim’s new plans are evidence of that. If you are in the market for more data why not give amaysim a look in.

How much data do you use each month?

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28 day plans aka 13 month years need to die asap.


Yep, it also makes it really hard to use androids built in data manager limiter, as its only set up for month to month