Google announced that interactive AR Stickers would be coming to the Pixel 2 phones when they launched the phones on October 4. Today, a couple of months later, they are here.

AR Stickers are interactive stickers that you can drop into a scene on your camera which will then interact with each other and also the scenery. The stickers are not just the usual food, word and other emojis but also include characters from Stranger Things and The Last Jedi.

To get it working on your Pixel 2 all you need is to download/update the ARCore and AR Stickers apps from the Play Store and the setting will appear in the settings of your camera app. From here the camera app will map out the floor/ground of your surroundings and you can just drag and drop the stickers of your choosing into the scene.

You can take videos or photos of the characters and emoji interacting with each other, you can move them around yourself and you can also mix and match different characters into the one scene — eg. the Demogorgon from Stranger Things teaming with a Storm Trooper while chasing a hamburger around the room.

The AR Stickers will be rolling out to all Pixel phones running Android 8.1 Oreo in the next few days. We have tested it out on a Pixel 2 XL and it functioned perfectly. After installing the apps on a 2016 Pixel XL it took a couple of hours for the functionality to appear but it is there now.

With more AR Sticker packs set to come in the future there are now even more reasons to purchase a Pixel phone.

Source: Google Blog.
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thanks but no thanks. Great for the clones to do what everyone else is doing but I like reality in that regard.

Allan Thomas

Yeah, I received mine this morning but I’m not interested.