The rumours for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 are coming thick and fast but mostly they have been cosmetic rumours. Now it has appeared on benchmarking site, Geekbench showing off a few of its specs.

It is hardly a secret that Samsung will be using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 in the Galaxy S9 and in doing so will become the first manufacturer to ship devices with it inside. The Geekbench results confirm that there will be a Snapdragon 845 variant (and most likely an Exynos one too). The result came from a “Samsung SM-G965U1” device and considering a model number for the Galaxy S8 is SM-G955F the progression to SM-G965 fits.

The device is most likely running pre-production software so the actual score itself is irrelevant but the specs are not. Alongside the Snapdragon 845 it will run Android 8.0.0 (well, it does at this stage anyway) and has 6GB of RAM. Not much else is known at this time but you can expect Samsung to pack it full of the highest specs it can find.

With still a couple of months to go until the launch you wonder how much more will be revealed in the lead up to the announcement. What else do you think it will house? 128GB/256GB versions? Dual front camera?

Source: Geekbench.
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I wish qualcomm would actually invest in a high performance cpu, instead of just renaming arm cores.
Apple made a great arch based off arm yonks ago, look how well that turned out, now if only someone on the android side would do the same.