Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is getting very leaky lately. We have seen CAD renders based on dimensions and also the front displays in recent days and today we see the other side of the phone.

Overnight we have seen two sets of leaks, both revealing the back panel of the Galaxy S9. There has been a leak on Weibo that shows a replacement part for the rear panel. As you can see in the image below there is indeed only one place the fingerprint sensor could go on it — below the camera.

The other leak comes courtesy of Slashleaks and seems to be from a case manufacturer showing their product shots. Of course it’s difficult to demonstrate a phone case without showing the phone so the phone is there as well. They have a clear case too which shows the full rear of the phone as well as everyone’s favourite button, the Bixby button. We can see the curved front and back of the device as well showing it does not differ much from their attractive Galaxy S8 design.

It is strange to see so many leaks of Samsung’s early year flagship this far out from an apparent release which may point to an earlier release than first thought. Either that or the leakers are getting better and better.

Do you like the look of the Galaxy S9? Will you consider it as your next daily driver?

Source: Slashleaks.
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It looks ok , and the fingerprint sensor is in a better position ( still not great imo ) .
From someone with big hands and fingers , i wish sammy would make the sensor a tad bigger and give it a bit more separation …… like the other companies that get the finger print sensor right ..
Jeez , how hard can it be ?
I dont know if it is for some engineering reason or aesthetics , but it would be nice to not screw it up a third time.