Each year, Google runs a pin chase at Mobile World Congress that sees attendees visit Android partners’ stands to pick up pins and complete sets. Each year, those partners have to come up with new ways to keep pin chasers at their stands to hear their messages.

This year, Qualcomm made us dance.

On their booth, Qualcomm has a nondescript phone attached to a tripod holding it up and facing forward. It’s running a Chinese dance game from Tencent that uses the device’s front-facing camera to watch your movements and make you emulate an on-screen figure’s dance moves – which is actually pretty damn clever.

It’s Dance Dance Revolution for mobile, and the results are both hilarious and embarrassing.

Take it away, Chris:

Here’s me in Instagram Boomerang form:

Dan didn’t escape, but we didn’t catch his effort on camera.

The result of our efforts? A shiny pin.

Because of the way the pin chase works, with a second set of pins up for grabs on the second day of the show, we need to do it all over again today.

We’ll make sure we get Dan on video 😉

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    Byron Croft (byftpup)

    Really? You’re over there having fun… *LOL* MORE video’s and higher scores are expected…

    Dean Rosolen

    It may be pretty damn clever but it’s already been done by Ubisoft with their Just Dance series.