With Mobile World Congress, and the launch of the Galaxy S9 out of the way, the rest of the mobile industry is gearing up to launch their 2018 flagships and HTC could be launching their handset sooner rather than later.

In a tweet from noted HTC ROM developer @llabtoofer, the details of the handset have surfaced and to be frank read like a laundry list of everyones spec want list:

The big question is whether HTC can cram that 5.99″ into a smaller body, or will the details from this leak arrive in the form of
a U12+ model? A proposed announcement date for the phone is being rumoured around April:

HTC blew Jason away with the U11 last year, with a great camera and the inclusion of their squeezable ‘Edge Sense’ technology allowing fast launch of the camera – which was then aped by Google on the Pixel phones allowing for fast launch of the Google Assistant.

Whether the U12 will do the same remains to be seen, but that list of specs certainly sounds promising.

Source: @llabtoofer.