Today is International Womens Day and Google has, as usual jumped on board and have created a space in Google Play which focuses on ‘inspiring female founders and developers from around the world’ as well as showing off movies, Books and Games starring strong female leads.

The Google Play space focus on Apps created by women includes photo editing tool Canva created by Sydney based developer Melanie Perkins (@melaniecanva) among other great apps. There’s some interesting apps – eight in total – in the focus which also includes a history of the female developers who created the apps.

Also on show are some great games ‘created by women — as studio founders, programmers, writers, designers, and more’. I’ve played a number of these titles, like Kami 2, and they’re pretty good. Like the app focus, there’s an interesting blurb on the female creators behind the games and of course you can download and try them all out for yourself.

You can also explore the games focus with strong female leads, and of course number one out of the blocks is Lara Croft with Tomb Raider game: Lara Croft Go, but there’s other great games in there like Monument Valley 2.

Finally, you can explore books, movies and TV Shows featuring women in lead roles in movies and TV or read books by women who make waves – like the awesome Magda Szubanski audiobook Reckoning.

It’s a really interesting focus to check out on a very important day. Head over to Google Play and see all the great titles.

Source: Google Play.