The launch of ARCore v1.0 prior to Mobile World Congress effectively opened the flood gates on Augmented Reality (AR) apps in Google Play, and Google has released a new one as well with Just a Line – Draw Anywhere, with AR.

The app which has been released as part of their AR Experiments , looks like a lot of fun. It’s pretty simple, you draw lines on the screen that hang in the air in AR and then film a short video that you can share as an MP4. The sharing of the output as a video is a little inconvenient, but perhaps next version will include a GIF conversion.

Understandably, as an ARCore app, it’s only available to install on ARCore compatible devices which include the Pixel phones, Galaxy S7/S8 and Note 8 series phones, as well as LG V30/V30+, One Plus 5 and Asus Zenfone AR.

To try it out, head over to Google Play and download it (if your phone is compatible), or head to to learn more.

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    Phill Edwards

    Tried to install on OnePlus 5 but when I to install a blank white screen pops up that just says “Purchase options” and nothing else. Can’t get any further.