Everyone loves the AI features of GBoard (and other keyboards) that predicts what the next word(s) will be and make it easy for you to use the prediction. Google are now bringing this to the new Gmail with a new feature announced today called Smart Compose.

Powered by Google’s AI, Smart Compose will help you to write emails faster by suggesting complete sentences in your emails as you type. With it working in the background you just begin typing as you normally would and Smart Compose will offer you suggestions as you go. Clicking the tab button will insert the prediction/suggestion. Smart Compose will also offer relevant contextual phases such as “Have a great weekend” if it is Friday.

Smart Compose will roll out in the new Gmail for consumers in the coming weeks but it will be months before G Suite customers in the workplace will see it. As of this moment it does not seem to be available to me — yet. To get started, make sure you’ve signed in to Gmail using your @gmail.com address and enabled the new Gmail by going to Settings > “Try the new Gmail.” Next, go to the general tab in your settings, scroll down, and enable “experimental access.” Then once it has rolled out to your email address it will appear as you type emails.

At this stage none of us Ausdroiders have it but if you watch the video below you can see why we cannot wait for it to roll out to us.

Source: Google Blog.
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I got the ‘Smart Compose’ feature this morning… Currently testing it out, seems pretty nifty.

Stephen Woots

Didn’t love the earlier version that I tried, will try again to see if it’s improved. Swiftkey seems to have regressed – maybe I’m being fussy?