It’s no surprise that we live in a world of rapidly rising costs. From the price of houses across the country, to our electricity bills, to smashed avo on toast. And have you seen the price of a modest new Lamborghini lately? Sheesh.

So, it’s good to know that some things are getting cheaper, like mobile data. You might remember a few years ago when Kogan stole headlines after launching phone plans with 4GB for $40 per month. These days you get so much more for so much less.

You can easily pay over $100 per month for a phone on a plan these days, but you really don’t have to. There are plenty of great plans and you needn’t pay more than $30 per month for what most people need. Here are a bunch of the best plans around, broken out by contract terms.

12-month plans for $30 or less

The best value plans always ask for something in return, and this is usually a 12-month commitment. But if you’re willing to sign up for a year then you will get a fair bit extra for your loyalty.

Dodo have a great deal at the moment, with 20GB for $30 per month, and 50% off the bill for the first six-months. You also get 100 minutes to call overseas numbers (to 34 countries). Think Mobile is also a great option, with the same data inclusion at the same price, and sets itself apart with all Australian customer support.

No contract plans for $30 or less

If you prefer to keep your options open, there are still great deals for under $30, but you will miss out on the really big data deals you get with a 12-month plan. Dodo is still a nose ahead, and this plan also has international calls, but options from SpinTel and newcomer Hive are worth a look.

Of course, you needn’t pay $30 per month if you don’t need 10GB per month. Many of us still dodge bill phone bills using WiFi at home and work, and you’ll save another $10 per month if you can make use of a plan with 5GB of data.

You might also consider Belong just to take advantage of its awesome data bank feature. Stash away the data you don’t use each month and build up a pool to dip into when you need it.

Prepaid plans for $30 or less

You might forget that prepaid plans are a worthy option, but these days prepaid plans hold their own with postpaid options.

The Boost Mobile plan at the top of the table is good value for the first month, and comes with bonuses like a data bank feature and data-free Apple Music streaming. TPG has a good all-rounder plan, and Vodafone is worth a look for its 35-day credit expiry.

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    Forest Lake

    I’ve been on Coles Mobile’s prepaid plan for maybe 18onths and it’s great! $20 for 35 days, unlimited calls and text plus 3gb data


    Currently with Vodafone. 4-5 years ago, they had a really good network. That has changed. From the big 3, they have the worst network. I would not recommend them unless you are happy to live with the frustration of NO NETWORK where their own maps says there should be full 4G coverage. Can wait for my contract to expire so I can move to another carrier.