TCL have had some decent success with the Blackberry KEY2 and today at MWC in Barcelona they have announced a new variant in a stunning and yet subtle red colour.

The new version phone, the Blackberry KEY2 Red Edition is the same as the previous standard edition inside and includes their “iconic Blackberry physical keyboard” and includes Blackberry’s security and privacy enhancements. The new Red Edition comes in a deep red Series 7 Aluminium frame with black accents to create a very unique-looking phone.

The Red Edition is a response to consumer requests:

We always appreciate the opportunity to respond to our customers when they ask for an exclusive device variant … and now we can respond again with the BlackBerry KEY2 Red Edition which offers a fresh take on our award-winning BlackBerry KEY2 smartphoneFrancois Mahieu, of BlackBerry Mobile at TCL Communication

The new Red Edition has a black back but with red highlights around the side and front resulting in a stylish business device with a subtle hint of flair.

The Blackberry KEY2 Red Edition features a dual rear camera, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage. The Red Edition will also arrive with Blackberry’s new Hub+ software giving quick access to primary features such as search, sort and compose.

The new Blackberry KEY2 Red Edition will be available in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia with pricing starting at £699/$749/€779. Consumers will also receive a set of special edition red Blackberry-branded earbuds.

We expect the KEY2 Red Edition to land on our stores around the same time at the other markets but at this stage full pricing and availability details for Australians is unknown.

We will be getting handsy with the Blackberry KEY2 Red Edition on the trade floor at MWC in the following days so if you are interested stay tuned for our impressions and IRL photos and videos.

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I’d still love one of these for my work phone, but we are an iPhone only company. 🙁


I really like the Key2 but difficult to obtain locally