Samsung’s preparing for the release of their first flexible display foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, next month. This is about the time we see leaks ramp up from production facilities (and prior who have friends that work in said production facilities), and this is what we have for you today hailing all the way from Vietnam.

In the video you can get a good look at the Galaxy Fold booting up, using the unfolded tablet-style view and using the smaller screen in the front of the device.

Notably, you can also see a distinct inset area in the opened-up screen (where it folds). That could be a worrying look for anyone who’s throwing down all the dollars Samsung is asking for the device.

This sight has set many tongues a-wagging across the industry this morning, but we’re not really willing to draw too many conclusions – this is very obviously not finished hardware, and could have a different configuration than a production unit.

Check out the full annoyingly portrait-framed-into-landscape video for yourself below:

The video comes from a Facebook user in Vietnam, who appears to be causally promoting their phone unlocking service using one of the most talked-about phones on the planet.

(And hey, Franco, if you’re handing out Galaxy Folds you know where to find us)

This guy’s gotten a closer look at Samsung’s upcoming foldable than any of the Ausdroid team – it was locked away behind glass at MWC, and Samsung hasn’t offered us any hands-on time with it. By contrast, Huawei was more than happy to give us a look at its Mate X, at least behind closed doors.

Source: YouTube.
Source 2: Tâm Nguyễn Minh.
Via: Android Authority.
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Yusuf I S

Crease is visible and seems to lag a bit. Looks like a good copy of Samsung Fold


A little disappointed to see the crease is really visible. Otherwise, looks good