As smartphone power requirements have climbed in the last few years, the technology by which we replenish their power sources has evolved. Last year we did backflips over Oppo’s Super Vooc charging on the Find X and R17 Pro; this year it’s Xiaomi’s turn to hold the crown.

The Chinese manufacturer has demonstrated a 100W charging solution that completely charges a 4,000 mAh phone battery in just 17 minutes. Of course, this requires a social media showdown, so the company organised a charge-off against the current King, Oppo’s R17 Pro with its 50W charger. It hardly seems fair on paper.

Like all rapid charging technologies, this one needs a good name. Xiaomi’s choice, Super Charge Turbo, does make it sound like a Street Fighter II offshoot but we suppose it gets the idea across.

100W rapid charging isn’t going to be compact, nor will it be cheap.

For safety and efficiency, the charger will be very large. Can you accept it? PS: The price will be higher.

Can we accept it, indeed?

Begun, the charging wars have. For now, it seems Xiaomi sits atop the throne (although their charger is yet to ship wth a product), but whether it’ll stay there or end up a brief tenure remains to be seen.

Source: ITHome.
Via: GizChina.
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Max Luong

I wonder how this affects the life of the battery.