We have a 5G network ready to go already in Australia but as yet have no devices available to the consumer ready to take advantage of it. Samsung seem to be leading the race but this week we saw OPPO release theirs to Switzerland’s Swisscom. Now it seems that LG is joining the fray with their V50 ThinQ.

In Korea Samsung already has their Galaxy S10 5G available to consumers although some are seeing connectivity issues apparently. LG delayed the release of their phone for the same reason but they must have solved those issues with Business Korea reporting that LG are releasing their 5G smarttphone to the market on May 10 because:

Public interest in 5G smartphones can fade if the company delays the release any longer.

The LG V50 ThinQ is priced at 1,199,000 won (~AU$1,467) which comes out cheaper (~AU$250) than the pricing of the Samsung S10 5G (256GB) in Korea. Whether these prices translate to Australia is unknown but we do expect the Samsung 5G smartphone to be the most expensive of the three 5G smartphones and LG and OPPO coming in under that, just as they do for the standard 4G smartphones.

Telstra have stated that their first three 5G smartphones will be the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, the LG V50 ThinQ and one as yet announced OPPO 5G phone (which we suspect strongly will be the Reno 5G). The race is on and it is yet to be determined which one will be first. We will be at the front of the line to test out each of these when they do arrive.

Which phone would you be looking at if you were first in line?

Source: Business Korea.
Via: Android Central.