The main phone releases are done for the first half of the year and we are now onto the rumours for the upcoming flagships. The Google Pixel last year was one of the most leaked phones in memory and the Pixel 4 looks set to be the same.

Yesterday well-known screen protector manufacturer Skinomi published renders (and it is still up as of the time of writing this) selling their Google Pixel 4 screen protector. The listing includes a protector that would not fit any phone that we know other than the rumoured Pixel 4.

If this render is indeed accurate the Pixel 4 (we don’t know if it is the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL, or both) will arrive without a notch this year but instead going for the Galaxy S10+ style hole punch in the display for the front-facing cameras.

The hole shown in the image above is huge, and seems bigger than the hole in the Galaxy S10+ — Google did make the deepest notch ever on the Pixel 3 XL so it would not surprise me to see them sacrifice aesthetics for function once again.

There are small cutouts for top and bottom front-facing speakers which is very Pixelly lending credence to the image being a correct representation of the Pixel 4.

It is very early at this stage and we suspect it may well just be a publicity stunt by Skinomi because they are yet to remove it from their website and the image itself my just be based on rumours that we have heard. Take this one with a large helping of salt.

It is still over four months until the Made By Google event where we expect the next Pixel to be announced so expect a lot more rumours and leaks before then. Strap yourself in as we jump onboard the Pixel rumour bandwagon.

Source: Skinomi.