Only this week, Google did something very unusual and leaked – officially, mind you – its own images of the upcoming Pixel 4. Now, this weekend, it has been spotted in the wild with its giant square camera module and all.

9to5Google received some images from an anonymous tipster in London showing someone using what appears to be the Pixel 4 shown off by Google earlier in the week. There were only two photos taken, but the tipster commented that the bezel on the front seemed quite large up the top. There also appeared to be two front-facing cameras as with the Pixel 3 range.

It’s not unusual for us to see upcoming phones in the wild ahead of an official announcement, but with Google now confirmed to be working on the Pixel 4 – with a specific design, too – seeing one out and about is hardly surprising at all. Perhaps a little, in that it’s only June, but still.

It was confirmed just yesterday from some Verizon marketing material that the Pixel 4 would be coming around October – as the Pixel range has done for the last three years – and I suspect we’ll see plenty more of this phone between now and then.