Instagram wants you to focus on images you love and content you create, rather than the total number of likes. The company has been running a test in Canada since May, hiding total likes on images, and today that experiment is spreading to Australia.

The company says it’s trying to make the service feel less like a competition, and is hoping you’ll stop trying to compete with your friends because how could she get that many likes for a picture of fruit, really??? — ahem.

You’ll no longer be able to see the total number of likes on images in the main feed, permalinked on web or on others’ profiles. You’ll be able to see your own like count on your own images though.

The experiment started in Canada in May, and the company says it’s rolling out to more territories this month.

The change hasn’t quite turned up on my personal Instagram profile yet, but it won’t be far off.

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Absolutely love this! Great idea.