The Google Pixel 4 release is getting very close now as can be seen by the frequency of leaks we are beginning to see. Overnight there have been a couple of leaks showing various pictures of the upcoming Google flagship.

The first set of pictures were shared via Weibo but have since been deleted but luckily this is the internet and they were mirrored before they were lost forever.

The images firstly show the front of the device with what is likely to be the factory screen protector still on with gaps for the Soli sensors on the sides of the top bezel. The phone is running Android 10 given the Google Assistant gesture hints in the bottom corners of the display. The rear of the device shows off a plain white finish which of course will have some clever white name from Google (“Not white”?) and the colourful power button in orange, a Pixel signature design now.

Along with these pictures was one of the phone with the camera app open showing the phone zooming to 8x. We suspect that it will be a combination of digital and optical zoom using the company’s Super Res Zoom technique to create high quality zoom images. While it is not the 60x that one manufacturer is now promising it is a step in the right direction by Google.

Considering how good Google’s cameras have been in their Pixel smartphones with a single lens it will be interesting to see how good they are with a triple lens system combined with their amazing computational photography which of course will have improved again on top of last year.

The last image shared overnight shows the RAM levels of the Pixel 4. Possibly disappointingly (time will tell but last year’s 4GB was disappointing and the source of a lot of bugs) but the 6GB that looks to be included is at least an improvement over last year. When other companies are including 12GB and more of RAM in their devices are Google trying to make a point and show just how little really can be used? Let’s hope not because last year’s 4GB was a big mistake.

With what we suspect will be under four weeks until the Made By Google event we expect to see a lot more leaks of Google’s 2019 flagship in the coming weeks. Stay tuned as we help to bring them to you as they occur.

Source: XDA.
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What a such ugly phone and now Google even don’t know how to release a software update properly.