One of the main reasons you would buy a Pixel phone (aside from the amazing imaging) is the regular, quick updates. Pixel phones, as you would expect from a device made by Google, receive monthly updates as soon as they are available to anyone and bug fixes virtually every month, further enhancing and improving an already great phone.

After receiving Android 10 just a few weeks ago users of Pixel 3 and 3a (and their respective XL variants) are today receiving another update. At this stage it is unclear just what the new update brings but it is a sizeable download at 1188.2MB. The new OTA build, QP1A.190711.020.C3, does not come with a changelog just yet but given the size of it we expect it to have numerous fixes inside — do not be fooled by the system update page listing the Android 10 features, it just appears that Google have not updated that page before hitting the send button on the update.

For those who do not have the update notification waiting for them on their phone you can just go into Settings > System > Advanced > System update and refresh the display in there and it will appear for you.

The OTA download is quite large so you may need to update over Wi-Fi if data usage is a problem for you. You can also install it from the OTA and factory image downloads pages if that is how you prefer to roll.

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Jamie S

11.6 MB for me, Pixel 3a. I was on the beta too and haven’t done a factory reset after the final release

Early Adopter

2.4MB for me too. I was on the Beta before.


+1 here.

Martin Leonard

1337.4 mb for my pixel 3


Same. it seems to be the tiniest incremental update. it even has the same build number as previous, but has a C3 on the end…

Paul Smedley

The update is only 2.4mb for me.

Dean Rosolen

What phone do you have? It’s 1337.4MB on my Pixel 3.

Paul Smedley

Pixel 3, but I was on the beta previously