It seems Aldi’s going Google mad in a couple of week with a 4K 65″ Android TV and a slew of Google Assistant compatible devices including Smart outlets, security cameras, lighting and security devices. The TV and Smart outlets are provided by Bauhn and the rest of the device by the relatively unknown Cocoon.

The 65″ Bauhn TV has a 3840 x 2160 60Hz 16:9 display, includes a voice remote and of course Android TV. At $799.00 you’d expect the TV to be low frills but according to the specs, it seems relative decent. Featuring 4 x HDMI port including 1 with ARC, S/PDIF out, 2 x USB and a LAN port.

Rounding out Bauhn’s offering is a Google Assistant-enabled Smart Power board and a Smart Outlet. The 3 socket power board includes 3 x USB A ports with a maximum combined draw of 3.1 amps and will cost $39.99. The single smart outlet includes 2 USB ports with a maximum draw of 2.1 amps and will cost $19.99.

Aldi’s also going to be stocking a range of Smart home devices some of which include some measure of Google Assistant integration. There’s an FHD indoor security camera for $59.99, an FHD outdoor camera for $99.99, Smart bulbs for $29.99 and Google Assistant-powered Smart security kit for $99.99.

We can’t speak to the quality of the devices, and the prices don’t actually represent outstanding value, but if you’re an Aldi bargain hunter then you’ll know the routine.

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A dedicated media pc would be faster, better, and more upgradable than most ‘smart’ tv’s.

Jeni Skunk

The TVs and other smart gadgets are now up on the Aldi site.
Special Buys, Wednesday, 30th October.

Phill Edwards
Renato Alberto

I think all TVs should go Android tv as the phones went all android as well, that Google could start improving it


It’s very stable now with Android TV 9, every test I read said so.


Android tv is buggy on well known brands so unknown brands with buggy android tv, good luck lol.


My Sony with latest Android TV is HEAPS better than before…


This has a lot to do with the under specced processors being put into the tv sets. As I understand it at least Sony has remedied that in higher end sets